segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2012

Back from Ashes!

After a long time without posts,i return to this blog to show a project made at the Global Game Jam from January 2012,still's a prototype and we intend to evolve this game until it gets the ideal that we have to him.

Well, in this game you assume a phoenix that protects his egg against Chinese dragons!
The main goal is to pass trough the Chinese dragons to destroy him and protect the phoenix egg, you get hurt and loses a little of hit points after each hit and if your health bar goes to 0 you die, but after a few seconds you'll revive with a new ability (not implemented yet) that's help you to destroy more dragons and make score points faster. You lost the game when the egg health bar down to 0

Like i said, the game still a prototype and have to much to improve, but we're working on that and hope soon as possible bring a fun "PHOENIX DRAGON SLAYER" game ^ ^

You can download the playable prototype down here, feel free to leave a comment or send me a e-mail with your feedback.

I want thanks all team to this amazing experience, guys you really rocks!

The team:
Carlos Henrique
Davi Hirafuji
Julio Ferreira
Kirlian Silvestre
Everaldo Neto
Flavio Felipe
Talmon Filho
Silvio Carréra

And a special thanks to my friends Alberto Ventura and Thiago Barreto for supported me, this guys always fills me up with motivation and inspiration.

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